lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

Seguimiento (trace) del log de un Web Service en SAP.

Es interesante lo que explica la nota "1901252 - PT: WS - Online communication to AT:Solution Details" en el documento "Guidelines_for_endpoint_config2_v2.pdf" para como mirar el log al usar un web service.

For trace and LOG you can either use SRT_UTIL transaction or the trace functionality in SOAMANAGER. For the later proceed as indicated below:

Press Add New Button,

After you can define the duration of the trace in seconds, and in order to reduce overhead in SMICM choose a value that can allow you to test.
Example 10h = 36000s.

You should refine the trace either by adding the interface name CO_WSPT_DOCUMENTOS_TRANSPORTE or choose a Username.

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